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Mural: The Ageless Empress and Her Beloved Beings

Zeppelin Holdings LLC's property located at 25 S Huron became artist Michael Osborne aka Abstract OverSpray's latest canvas for his creation, The Ageless Empress and Her Beloved Beings. Michael is a self-taught artist born & raised in Toledo, OH. Michael describes his work as "Hyper-digital abstract-realism, his motif blends photorealism, abstract art elements, graffiti styles, and traditional fine art techniques with somewhat of a psychedelic twist."[1]

Elucidation and Symbolism of The Ageless Empress and Her Beloved Beings:

As a servant protector of the matriarch, the lion is the Ageless Empress's guide, an embodiment of her strength and empowerment. A conqueror of fear, he offers her courage on her journey through the unknown. His wings are a reminder to see and embrace the whimsical in the world around us. They serve as a contradiction to the belief that power equals dominance.

The Ageless Empress represents harmony between humans and the natural world. The rare blue jade vine in her headpiece magnifies her ability to be fully connected in the world without being negatively affected by others' emotions; it helps her feel protected and impervious to abrasive energies. Her earthly crown establishes her in the composition as a sovereign entity.

Enlarged flowering dandelions signify new beginnings and perseverance. They are resilient and a favorite of children at heart. They give sustenance to emerging pollinators bringing more life to our earth. These symbolize happiness, joy, and youthful thoughts but can also symbolize health, power, endurance, and determination.

Monarch butterflies represent metamorphosis and change. They also symbolize rebirth, well-being, and navigating the path towards personal enlightenment. In folklore, butterflies can serve as messengers between the spirit realm and our own. They are a well-known and revered species with transformative meanings in multiple cultures.

The landscape alludes to Arrakis,[2] the desert planet, but instead of being a barren wasteland, the flora in the foreground signifies the possibility of infinite growth. The mountains in the distance symbolize strength and withstand the test of time, allowing for change yet maintaining their integrity.

[2] From the novel Dune, by Frank Herbert, Arrakis was a planet without surface water, but inhabitants were able to find ways to survive with minimal amounts of water. These inhabitants dreamt of terraforming the planet to one day make it habitable, not merely survivable.



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