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In 1986, managing partner Bob Anspach founded Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP, now called Anspach Law, in Toledo, Ohio. Building off of his expertise as a prominent civil litigator, the firm's main focus initially was on the defense of civil litigation, including trials and appeals at all levels, alternative forms of dispute resolution, and administrative adjudication.


While this remains a particular strength of Anspach Law to this day, it has always been our goal to become the broad-practice firm we are today. To that end, we have remained committed to expanding both the breadth and depth of the firm by strategically acquiring the brightest legal minds across a variety of practice areas and adding additional office locations throughout the Great Lakes region.


Throughout our strategic growth, we have continually focused on maintaining a unique culture and approach that values constant enthusiasm, occasional irreverence, and a persistent feeling of enjoyment and fun. We've added not just the smartest legal thinkers but also the right ones for our firm collection of varying personalities who all share the same spirit, passion, and drive for what they do, from young to old.

  • 1986: Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP is founded in Toledo, Ohio

  • 1998: Merged with the Tiffin, Ohio office of Dell & Dell, now called Dell, Burtis & Anspach

  • 2006: Attorneys from successful Toledo law firm Fuller & Henry joined the firm, expanding our practice areas to include planning, trusts, taxation, and corporate law

  • 2020: Our office relocates to the Warehouse District of Downtown Toledo at 25 S Huron Street

  • 2024: Jennifer L. Ramon became our Managing Partner


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