Partner Andy Brison will be a speaker at the upcoming seminar "The Ultimate Guide to Police Liability Claims"

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Police Liability Claims

Cases involving police misconduct have become increasingly prevalent in society today. Are you equipped to handle the sensitive and highly contested matters associated with these cases? This two day course will start with a guide to some of the most common liability issues faced today. Then you will learn ways to assess who is truly liable for the misconduct and how to proceed. Gain valuable insight on the key information you need throughout the case.

  1. >Review the most recent cases involving police misconduct.
  2. >Determine what your obligations are for proving or disproving that a claim is warranted.
  3. >Learn how to handle some of the most common liability matters.
  4. >Understand how the police investigation and disciplinary process works.
  5. >Know what information to look for, where to find it and how to obtain it.
  6. >Pick up on red flags you should spot while combing through evidence.
  7. >Conclude who needs to be deposed and how to properly conduct the questioning.
  8. >Learn how to navigate through important qualified immunity considerations.
  9. >Master the art of drawing out and recognizing potential prejudices during jury selection.


Who Should Attend

This basic-to-intermediate level seminarprovides practical knowledge on police liability claims for:

  • >Attorneys
  • >Law Enforcement Officers
  • >Local Government Officials
  • >Paralegals

Continuing Legal Education – CLE: 14.40 *
International Association for Continuing Education Training – IACET: 1.20

Don't miss this opportunity for an in-depth look at police liability cases - register today!

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