Andrew P. Ballard has been invited to join the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP, is pleased to announce that attorney Andrew P. Ballard has been invited to join the prestigious Claims and Litigation Management Alliance.  The CLM is a nonpartisan alliance comprised of thousands of insurance companies, corporations, Corporate Counsel, Litigation and Risk Managers, claims professionals and attorneys.  Through education and collaboration the organization’s goals are to create a common interest in the representation by firms of companies, and to promote and further the highest standards of litigation management in pursuit of client defense.  Selected attorneys and law firms are extended membership by invitation only based on nominations from CLM Fellows.

Ballard is a partner in the Anspach’s Huntington, WV, office, and focuses his professional career on defending businesses, various county and State agencies, insurance companies and their insureds in civil litigation and business matters in West Virginia and Ohio.

Felix Melchor, Chief Operatiing Officer
Anspach Meeks Ellenberger LLP
300 Madison Avenue, Suite 1600
Toledo, Ohio 43604-2633

Susan Wisbey-Smith, Communications Manager
Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

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